Are you having your wedding in Porto?

When friends and family offers to take your wedding photos because they “like” taking photos or because they just bought a “really good camera” think twice! A wedding day, a lot of times, is the couple’s very first big project and you want to be documented with justice.

All the preparations, decor, details, moments, family, friends those are all very important photos to have that only an experienced wedding photographer can capture with justice. A wedding day is a live event with lots of things going on at the same time and your photographer needs to be on top of his/her game to really capture all the important moments of your big day. After all, the photographer is telling a story, your story!

When a dad enters a room where the bride is getting ready and sees her all beautiful in her wedding gown, this is a priceless moment that only a professional can be sure not to miss it. A pro can even arrange for the dad to only enter the room when the bride is actually ready, will set up the room to get the best light possible.

Or when the mother of the bride is helping her with the neckless and other details. A pro photographer can make sure that moment is captured with beauty and that they are positioned under the perfect light with the perfect angle. To make the bride shine even brighter!

The job of a pro wedding photographer is to be present in the most meaningful moments of a wedding day which is a really big task and only someone with experience can really do the job. This way you will be proud of your wedding photos for generations to come.

The cake, the dress, the decor, the venue, the flowers... They are all very important on a wedding day, they add so much character, style and personality, all these elements help the couple to turn their vision of a perfect wedding day into reality, however, they only last a day, the wedding day. The photographer on the other hand needs to really understand his/her task because the photos produced on a wedding day, they must stand the test of time. They will be enjoyed for many generations. A family heirloom that can be passed from parent to child.

That’s how important wedding photography is and finding the perfect wedding photographer that will help transform your big day is a must.

I have tons of experience photographing weddings. So far in my carrier, I was able to help about 500 couples to realize their desire for the most memorable wedding photos they could ever ask for.

I’m certain that I can help you with your dream wedding in Porto.

I specialize in Wedding Photography in Porto. Creative and timeless images, I’m an expert in wedding photography. I do offer great wedding packages all completely customizable. I work to the highest standards of perfection and this reflects in photos which you and your family can cherish for years to come. I love what I do and I hope I can make your wedding day even more special. Reach out and let’s talk!

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