About me


‘m a native Brazilian. I’ve been a professional photographer for many years specializing in weddings and events in California, Portugal, and other countries in Europe.

First time I picked up a camera

I first picked up a camera in 1999 and never put it down or looked back for that matter. I kept photographing ever since, every moment, person, or object that crossed my path.

I’ve been so rewarded with my love for photography. Having a passion is one thing but making a living off of it is much better. I’m very grateful and every day I go out to document somebody’s wedding or another event I say thanks! 

Photographing Events

To be able to be a part of my client’s big day and document every little moment, every detail like the ceremony, the first look, the kiss, the ring exchange, the reception, the guests, portraits, etc… a wedding day is something that I take very seriously.

I also enjoy photographing other events like corporate events where there are lots of moving parts and things going on simultaneously and I need to be sharp and, like a wedding day, tell the story of what is happening through my lens.


I have a lot of experience, working in the “industry”, weddings, assisting actors with that perfect headshot, and shooting some very influential events all over the world. I truly love photography and what I can do for my clients with my camera. I have a deep belief that one can stop time with a “click”.

Photography is the perpetuation of a given moment through the lens of a camera. The way you frame a scene, the way you interact with your subject makes it possible to tell a whole story in a single frame. Freezing moments that can be cherished for life. 

Emilio Azevedo

So please get in touch if you have any questions at all. let’s connect!

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Emilio Azevedo Photography offers Portugal wedding photography coverage in the Braga area, including but not limited to, Porto, Lisbon, and Europe.  

We are located conveniently in Braga, PT.   


Portugal Wedding Venues:

Evolutee Hotel Royal Óbidos Spa & Golf Resort
Quinta Maria Neta
Montebello Eventos
Exe Hotel Vila D’Óbidos
Quinta da Torre
Challet Fonte Nova
Solar Cerca do Mosteiro
Quinta do Alferes de Crasto
Quinta da Pacheca
The Fox House
Six Senses
Casa das Tílias
Quinta de Oleiros
Forte da Cruz
Villa Tamariz
Quinta de Covela
Quinta Cerrado de Portela
Arriba by the Sea
Quinta dos Machados
Hotel Casa Palmela
Quinta de Pousada
Quinta da Conceição
The Astoria
Parador Casa da Ínsua
Quinta de Catralvos
The Lake House
Estufa Fria
Casa de Reguengos
Palácio Conde d’Óbidos
Quinta do Casal Novo
Our Quinta
Casa dos Arcos
Torre Bella
Quinta de Segade
Quinta da Eira