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That moment when the bride sees herself all done on her beautiful wedding dress for the first time.

The wedding day for a bride usually starts pretty early. Sometimes she needs to get to a hotel or other location where she will be getting ready for her big day. Hair is the first thing she needs to get done along with her makeup. It’s very common when I show up in a bridal suite to find her sitting on a chair getting her hair and make-up done. Usually by the window where make-up artists like to be.

For me is great moment to get shots of her. Most of the time she is surrounded by her bridesmaids cheering her up and she is felling excited and joyful.

Setting the tone for the day

You can tell by the smile on a bride’s face if she is nervous, concerned, joyful, or happy and radiant. When you photograph a bride that is showing some signs of nervousness you have to be cautious and respect the moment she is in and the way she feels. It can be difficult for her to open up for the camera if she is feeling the pressure of the moment. You need to be patient and work with her.

Sometimes just slowing down and talking to her and letting her know that you are there for her, how amazing is that moment, and how beautiful she looks really helps. You need to have the sensibility to take great pictures but also to connect with the bride in a more meaningful way. On a personal level. Letting her know that you are there for her.

I also find brides that are thrilled and really happy so I just have to play along. Complementing her as I take shots, sometimes cracking jokes working at a high energy fast pace. It’s important to really tune in to the bride’s vibe and to connect with her joy at that moment. Making her photos to be more personal and portraying her personality in my photos.

After hair, make up is time to put on the dress

That’s a great opportunity to get some awesome shots. All her bridesmaids, mom, grandmas are around her helping her out. It’s when emotions start running high. The complicity of the bride and her mom looking at each other, the joy of the moment. This moment of getting into the dress works as a ritual for great things to come on that day.

Portraits of the bride in the room and also outside.

It’s very important to maximize the time and the opportunities you have with the bride and her bridesmaids before she walks down the aisle. You won’t get another opportunity again. The wedding day goes pretty fast and a lot is going on.

I always make sure to allocate enough time before the wedding to take my time and get some stunning shots of the bride, her bridesmaids, and her parents as well.

I truly love my job. Documenting a wedding day is something that I don’t take lightly. A lot of times it’s my client’s first big project together. Hopefully, the photos will be enjoyed and cherished in the family for generations to come. A family heirloom. So telling a story of a couple on their wedding day with justice and care is a must.

I photographed more than 500 brides and I can’t stress enough how important it is to higher a professional photographer. A lot of times the wedding day is when she will look her best because of the moment she is in, she is glowing and radiant with happiness, her expensive dress and high end makeup and hair. It’s the photographer’s duty to make her look her best. 

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