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One of the most important items on a wedding day.

I say it’s number 1 in most brides’ minds. The Wedding dress plays such an important part on a wedding day. It’s an item that everybody is curious about. Most brides have dreamed of a perfect wedding gown since they were little kids. When family and guests see the bride in her wedding dress is definitely one of the highest moments on a wedding day.

Her big day is not complete without a perfect wedding gown.

And the “perfect wedding dress” can be debated on what it means for each bride. Some brides want the most luxurious and most expensive wedding dress, other brides just want something comfortable and easy to walk around in. After all, she will be in her wedding dress for the entire day.

There are also the long trains and long veils that are part of a wedding gown and it makes for a more complete look in my opinion. I personally, as a photographer, really like the long trains and veils. it just adds so much more dimention to the whole look of the bride. It makes it extra special and fun to photograph.

How to photograph a wedding dress?

The first step is really to take a shot of the dress hanging or laying down on the bed. It’s often full of details and unique patterns. Front and back. After that, the best is to get the bride to hold it and a few shots of her contemplating her wedding gown. It can be done by the window, near the bed, anywhere you can hang it with enough room to have the bride standing next to it.

After that is of course the moment to document the bride getting into the dress with all her bridesmaids helping her. It’s always a beautiful moment especially when the mother of the bride is there to help as well.

Portraits of the bride.

Once she is all done in her beautiful wedding dress is time for the bride to do portraits by the window or balcony. It’s also a must when you can get the reaction of the father of the bride, seeing her in her wedding gown for the first time, it’s a big deal. Usually is a very emotional moment for father and daughter. It’s when the father has the visual confirmation that he is giving her away to a new life and to new beginnings. She is starting her own family.

It’s very important to use window light and try to mix flash photography when needed. Some rooms are dark and don’t provide the best lighting situation. that’s when a professional photographer will know how to handle the situation with flash and other light modifiers to really get the best results possible.

Making the bride feel special is the best way to get great portraits of her.

After all, it’s her wedding day and she does feel special. You just need to know how to bring that out of her in a fun and pleasant way.

The bride deserves to be portrayed in the best light possible in order to make her shine even brighter on her big day!

The way you ask her to stand or sit has a direct impact on how the photos will look like. A trained eye will understand her body type, shape, personality and will highlight her features making her look her best.

I photographed more than 500 brides and I can’t stress enough how important it is to higher a professional photographer. A lot of times the wedding day is when she will look her best because of the moment she is in, she is glowing and radiant with happiness, her expensive dress and high end make up and hair. It’s the photographer duty to make she look her best.

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